the beautiful place in the word in Kovel. To my mind , the place I live
the most wonderful and beautiful,
but there is no man here to fall in love with. I know and feel I want
to find my love now, I'm ready for the real
relations, big love and I want to give all my care for the man from my
I have finished College of Arts and now I work in the puppet theatre,
that's why I open to the all impressions,
I color my life the way I see it, I admire the beauty of the nature
around me. I admired the beauty of the sea, liquid splashes of water,
romantic stories, heroes with its joy and
happiness. I like pictures of everything, the nature around me,
especially animals.
animals is my passion,that's why one of the beautiful place in the word
I consider zoo.
You know, I like romantic stories and novels,because I'm very sensitive
and tender woman.
On the pages  of these touching stories I'm searching for a man of my
He will be the part of me and we share with him all my successes and
troubles, we visit different countries
and cities and we'll enjoy the life in all bright colors. How beautiful
life I imagine for me and for a  man
of my dream.
I think he will be very pleased with my skills of cooking. Cooking is
one of my favorite hobbies.
Sometimes I cook unusual dishes and sunrise my friends, they found it
tasty, I prepare it with all my
love to them. I hope a man of my dream will be proud for me. It will be
the real pleasure to prepare my
favorite cookies and treat  him day by day.
I imagine my future love a strong, kind man with the eyes deep like the
ocean, loving me and  our life,
giving me his feelings, attentive to me, dreaming about me every day,
bringing his tenderness to me,
giving me all the stars in the sky, walking with me along the streets,
bathing with me in the sea.
His love will give sureness in tomorrow, my eyes will be sparkling all
the time, his caressness will give
the desire to stay with him forever. I'm dreaming about such man, I'm
dreaming about true and forever love,
I believe in  warm  heart.
I hope he'll give me the garden full of roses and we'll be happy
together for the rest of our life.
I'm waiting for your reply.
I finished school of foreign languages I write letters on my own
without agency
I use Internet cafe.
I'd like to know you better, tell me about yourself, about your life
and interests, your hobbies.
What feelings and qualities are you appreciate in woman?
Yours, Lera.
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